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Can Your Clients Find You?

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With Sweet Spot Local SEO, we help clients get their online business listings set up and optimized so you can be found on mobile. 

Local SEO is Critical For Business

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People using smart phones rely on Local SEO information to find and contact you, get directions, find out your business hours and more!

  • 86% of consumers use the internet to find a local business
  • 61% of local searches result in a purchase (Search Engine Watch
  • 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from google search
  • 70% of mobile searchers result in action being taken within an hour.

Google Maps Box

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Businesses need to do everything in their power to show up in the Maps box, and to also show up in one of the first three spots below the Maps box. This is called "Organic Search Results" and is accomplished with Local SEO techniques. We are experts and can help you win the best position on this very valuable online real estate.

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Let Customers Find You On Mobile Devices

Sweet Spot Local SEO

Letting Customers Find You On Mobile Devices Is Called Local Search Optimization Which Helps Your Business Be Found Online By Anyone In Your Geographic Location.

All Major Search Engines Use Local Data, Business Directories, and Data Aggregators

Google, Yahoo, and Bing use local data and from business directories like Superpages, Yelp, and MyYP and from the major data aggregators.  

The major data aggregators include Acxiom, Factual, Localeze, and Infogroup.   It's the data that the Maps applications on your smartphone use.

​People rely on your local information to find and contact you, get directions, find out your business hours and more.  You really need to have this information consistent and accurate.  At minimum, you should claim and verify your Google My Business Listing.

Local SEO is Important For All Websites

It's how you show up in the Google Maps section in a search. Also called "Google Local Pack", or Google "Snack Pack", only the top three show up in the Box. It's like the Olympics, There's Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  There are not medals for fourth place.  This is very valuable online real estate and it's critical to be one of the three!​ 

How Can You Win Against Your Competition?

Google has changed the algorithms because hackers figured out how to game the system. Google now uses various "trust factors" such as local citations, online reviews, some backlinks, and a consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone).

If this is set up correctly, you will rank higher than your competition and score online.

We Can Get You To Rank Higher!

The rules are simple. Give Google and other search engines what they want, and they will send local search traffic to your website.

We’ve done it for years to help our clients.

However, the rules change every time Google updates its algorithms, which is nearly 600 times a year. That’s why getting your website to rank high in local search is a painstaking, never-ending process.

Why Get Local SEO Help?

Just a few years ago, most businesses did nothing to optimize for local search.

Due to the sharp rise in mobile searches that use GPS and location targeting, this is becoming critical for online success!

Local SEO Mistakes To Avoid If You Do Nothing, You Will Fall Behind

Missing Contact Information. Visit your website's contact page and confirm all your information is complete and accurate.  Your NAP should be listed as text, not an image.

Ignoring Negative Local SEO Factors. Listing your business incorrectly in the wrong categories in GMB.  Using a false address or PO box, stick to real addresses.  Malware on your website cripple your site and you would never know it. 

No Customer Reviews. If you’re struggling to get customer reviews online, don’t feel bad. You have company. But that’s no excuse for not having them.

Short of investing in software or hiring a service to do it for you, the quickest way to get more customer reviews is to ASK!

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