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Our Journey

It all started with an idea to make a website about two things best enjoyed together...golf and cigars.  Thus, Goodstix.com was born.

I learned how to make a WordPress website and put in a bunch of content mostly by cutting and pasting from other golf and cigar websites, and waited for the cash to start rolling in. 

Then...nothing happened.

That was my first mistake.  

I joined the Sacramento Wordpress Meetup, watched countless hours of online classes on Udemy and Lynda.com, but still no traffic.  

I learned about content management, site design, user experience (UX), page speed, mobile responsiveness, and countless other things that COULD be the problem. I even rebuilt the site at least five times thinking it was just bad design. 

Then I learned about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.  

Thus began my journey down the rabbit hole of SEO.  I soon discovered I did my project backwards, SEO should be considered FIRST, along with keyword research to find out what people are actually looking for, not just the subjects I wanted to write about.  The more I learned the more my online skills grew. 

I started helping out my employer, our customers, and friends who needed website help as they were having the same problems I had gone through years before.  

Realizing that more and more people need help with their digital marketing, I created Spectrum Marketing in 2010.  

I chose this name because the electromagnetic spectrum has a very narrow band of visible light, the rest of it is invisible, yet powerful.  Like digital marketing, the website is just the visible part of your marketing efforts.  The unseen forces like SEO govern the results.  

Yes, I got an "A" in astronomy at CSUS ;)

What was just a passing hobby became kind of an obsession because I felt I never learned very much useful marketing stuff in college, and now I was learning skills that could actually get website traffic and leads!

I even started teaching class about SEO at the Hacker Lab.  Yeah, I was the only 50 something guy teaching 30-year-old kids about SEO and online marketing.  

Man, had I come a long way!

Once, a colleague said he knew a guy who "figured out the internet”.  It seems I have as well.   Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

graphic image Doug made for goodstix.com
graphic image Doug made for goodstix.com


Dave Michael


Dave has been in sales and marketing since graduating. Battling ADHD, he has learned all about digital marketing, website design, and SEO. He has a degree in

Business Administration (Marketing)

from CSU Sacramento 1987

Doug Crowe

picture of Doug Crowe

Doug has been with Gold Country Media producing almost all their printed advertising.  He is an avid Star Wars fan, so will call him our Graphics Jedi Master. He has a degree in

Journalism from CSU Long Beach 1989

Michael McCormick


Mike has been a videographer and photojournalist for more than 21 years.  

He is the video editor for the Outdoor Channel series “Alaska Outdoors Television”  Check out his amazing work on his YT channel here.

graphic for spectrum marketing that shows the tag line "results driven marketing".

We Are a Full-Service Digital Marketing Consultant Agency

What Can We Do For You?

  • Build custom Wordpress websites featuring the latest user-friendly (UX), SEO conversion-focused designs
  • Make and promote professional marketing videos
  • Sales funnels using the latest best practices that work
  • We also offer traditional targeted direct mail and promotional items
  • Keyword research and SEO written content
  • PPC marketing campaigns with Adwords, YouTube, and Facebook
  • Search Engine Optimization expert so your site will rank organically
  • Local search expert with Google Local Pack (the Maps box)
  • Monthly SEO to keep your site on the first page of Google
  •  We also create logos and graphics for banners
  • Innovative new technologies like ringless voicemail, and geo-targeted SMS/text advertising
  • Citation and link building, aka "Off-Page Optimization"
  • Review generation and reputation management,  
  • and much, much  more as it’s always changing!

Results Driven Marketing Isn't Just Words

It is very important that we discuss your online goals.  There are so many shiny objects that can distract people from their goals, especially if you are trying to run a business. Let us help you cut through all the fog and get where you want to go.