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Free Website SEO Audit

Free Website SEO Audit

We perform a FREE website check with SEO audit on your website to make sure it’s doing what it should for you.  You probably paid good money for your site, or invested a ton of time making it, so shouldn’t you have a knowledgeable search and marketing expert take a look?  Our FREE  website audit will be so worth it!

Why Should You HAve YOUr Site Checked?

A Website Without Traffic Is A Waste Of Money

A Website Without Traffic Is A Waste Of Money

A Website Without Traffic Is A Waste Of Money

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You spent good money on your website, even if you made it yourself. If this important tool is not doing its job, like bringing in new clients and customers, what is the point?

Most Problems Are Easily Fixed

A Website Without Traffic Is A Waste Of Money

A Website Without Traffic Is A Waste Of Money


Spectrum Marketing will discover important usability, search optimization, and digital marketing items that should be updated to the latest best practices. We will give recommendations and an estimate to fix them.

It's How You Make Money Online

A Website Without Traffic Is A Waste Of Money

It's How You Make Money Online

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It only makes sense to get your website optimized for the keywords people are looking for online. It's how we turn internet researchers into your customers.

SeO Website Audit Checks With On-page Optimizations

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Initial Audit Review and Analysis

  • In-Depth Site Analysis
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Initial Site Rank
  • Broken Link Check

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

  • Header, Title and MetaTag Optimization Check
  • Image Optimization Check
  • Internal Link Structure Check
  • Existing Content Optimization
  • Robots.txt and Sitemap Checks
  • Webmaster Tools Check
  • Page Speed Optimization Analysis
  • Mobile-Friendly Check
  • Footer Optimization
  • ADA Compliance Check (for Vision Impaired)
  • Privacy and Cookies Disclaimer Check

Schema and Structured Data Markup

  • Logo Optimization
  • Schema Markup for Contact, Business
  • Mark Up for Reviews
  • OG Data Check for Social Sharing

Best Digital Marketing Practices Check

  • Call-To-Action Check
  • Overall Look and Site Navigation
  • Site Architecture 
  • Hours, Reviews, Map Embed
  • Social Links

Report With Top Ten Road Map With Estimate

We then compile and easy to read and understand report with the top ten issues that should be corrected with a no-obligation estimate that is based on the time required.  

Fine, Do It YOurself with This Handy Guide: