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Adwords Agency Sacramento | Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Advertising Is For You When You Need More Leads And Sales

As an experienced Adwords Agency, now called Google Ads, we place your ads are right in front of people searching for your exact products for services in the areas you serve. We at Spectrum Marketing are skilled setting up Google Ad campaigns correctly to maximize your ad spend.  Google is famous for separating people from their money with broad match keywords, targeting the wrong demographic, or not properly setting up a landing page.  

So Why Is Buying Advertising From Google or Facebook A Good Thing?!

Because you only pay for prospects actively seeking out your product or service.  Unlike traditional invasive "push" marketing advertising that relies on a large volume of impressions, it works like this...

A user sees your ad, clicks on it, and lands on a page where they can call, fill out a contact form, or buy an item directly from you.  It's a beautiful thing!

What’s great about it is that you only pay for ads people click on! It also gets you an immediate return on investment in sales while your SEO campaign builds your ranking.  It's remarkably powerful to have both an SEO strategy and a PPC campaign as they work well together.

Why Use Paid Google Ads?

Google owns 71% of search market share.

Google display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users

72% of Google Ads marketers plan to increase their PPC budgets

70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google search

70% of mobile searchers result in action being taken within an hour.

HOw To Make Google Ads Work

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Keywords Drive Everything, Especially PPC

All of our pay per click advertising campaigns involve significant keyword research prior to establishing our ad groups. We set up and manage custom PPC marketing campaigns to target exactly what your clients are looking for.

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Adwords is Like Alcohol, and Google is The Bartender*

We know all the “gotchas” and set up campaigns with the correct search network, ad extensions, ad groups, locations, demographics, and for the best devices. As a professional marketing agency Sacramento, we have to know how to set the correct budget, and CPA amount as we are stewards of your monthly advertising budget.

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What Is Your Hook?

The landing page needs to make it absolutely clear to visitors on what next step or action you want them to take. “Get a free estimate” is actually a very good call to action. We set this up for all pay per click advertising campaigns for you. Google takes into account your landing page and assigns it a “quality score” and ads can be negatively affected if the score is low.

OUr Landing Page Template

Landing Page Design Model*

Landing Page Design Model*

Landing Page Design Model*

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The CEA model is used for the human element which takes into account landing page design.  Looking top to bottom, and left to right we optimize for the human experience. It’s important to not just have your ads go to your home page, but to have a one page, single purpose landing page to capture leads and get them into your sales funnel.  Marketing, yay!

*Kudos and Credit to Jason McDonald. This is from his awesome book Adwords Workbook 2018

The CEA Design

Landing Page Design Model*

Landing Page Design Model*

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Confirm. They should see a picture that represents the search query and some BIG FONT TYPE that confirms they are in the right place, so they do not click back!

Engage. They should see some trust indicators such as good looking photos, qualifications, and verbiage that engages them explaining that your product service company is awesome and worth trusting. 

Action. They should see a desired action. Such as purchase or registration. Hopefully something like free consultation, free quotes, free ebook. This is to move them up your sales ladder or down the the sales funnel. 


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