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This is an actual FREE SEO audit we performed for a client.

Here are our SEO Audit Findings

  1. Site is not mobile responsive.  This is important because Google is indexing mobile sites first.
  2. Site is very amateurish with poor design and color palette.
  3. Pages have no descriptions for searchers to understand
  4. There is no call to action or incentive to call
  5. The Home Page, About, Why, has all caps (that’s like shouting at everyone visiting your page)
  6. Should have NAP, Hours, Map embed should be on the home page
  7. Really thin content on entire site
  8. No social links to FB, Yelp, etc
  9. No customer reviews on Home page
  10. Mentions contractor review site but why is there no link to it?
  11. Site needs more a more professional/UX design
  12. Gallery page has mostly studio images.
  13. Contact form offers no incentive to fill out
  14. No Meta descriptions, headings, or title tags
  15. There are no keywords on any pages
  16. Need to optimize titles, H1’s, H2’s for keywords
  17. Site is not indexed with Google (sitemap)
  18. Set up Google My Business for local search visibility
  19. Off-page citations building needs to be done
  20. No Schema Markup on pages
  21. Need to specify preferred canonical “www” or not
  22. Need SSL certificate
  23. 11 images have no alt attributes
  24. Language tag and declaration missing
  25. Needs a backlink strategy. only one website linking to site.
  26. Site needs page and image caching
  27. Phone number is not clickable to call
  28. Get a review generating strategy in place
  29. Consider switching to a CMS like WordPress or Squarespace
  30. Site needs categories for windows and siding
  31. Site needs internal link silo architecture

Top Ten Roadmap to Fix

  1. Makeover to a mobile responsive WordPress site-Use the latest best practices for UX and UI design
  2. SSL Certificate with Hosting company
  3. Keyword research and optimize pages
  4. Need more content with words/images
  5. NAP, hours, map, Reviews on home page
  6. Set up off page citation building with Moz local, GMB, bing, yahoo
  7. Alt tags on images, and get more actual photos
  8. Call to action incentive and button
  9. Google index the site
  10. Schema Markup
  11. Social engagement and Review strategy


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Hi, I'm Dave. I am a sales and marketing guy who also likes to play outdoors.