screen shot for eagle construction website

When I saw a potential client’s website I had to convince them to let me make it over.  The old site was made by a relative using Godaddy’s old website builder.  It was bad.

Eagle Construction Website Before

The Old Website

I performed a site audit and found the following problems:

  1. No call to action on home page
  2. What color palette is this??
  3. Typography is horrible.
  4. No Call To Action button
  5. No reviews on home page
  6. Home page is just a photo slideshow and is slow to load
  7. Need to optimize images
  8. Color palette is very amateurish
  9. Needs business hours
  10. No internal link structure
  11. No page title, meta description, h1s or h2s
  12. “serving vallejo…” in bold with no keywords used
  13. No alt text on images
  14. Not indexed with Google
  15. Country not set
  16. No links pointing to site.  need citation building actions
  17. No schema markup on page
  18. needs secured ssl on host
  19. Good news…no error codes!
  20. Embed review video on home page
  21. No logo
  22. No xml sitemap found
  23. Very little content
  24. Almost no keywords on site
  25. Set up OpenGraph for social shares

I’m sure there was more wrong with the site than I listed here (like no backlinks, etc) but it definitely looks SIGNIFICANTLY better and will perform much better for the client!  I made the new site, ironically, using Godaddy’s new GoCentral website builder.  It was very easy to use and I had the site done in about three hours.  I still need to optimize it using their SEO tools (which I like a lot).  Next I need to set up a email campaign for them as they have almost no marketing other than referrals.

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Hi, I'm Dave. I am a sales and marketing guy who also likes to play outdoors.