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Video SEO is becoming the best strategy to be found online.

Having trouble getting potential customers to find your website?  Is your traffic almost non-existent?  Do you have a great website but are five Google pages deep when you search for your niche?  You’re not alone!  The internet has fundamentally changed just in the past few years with Google changing the algorithm and the explosion of mobile device internet views. Your TV has become the second screen!   I’m not talking about Pokemon Go!  All you need to do is go to your local coffee shop and notice how everyone is looking at their smartphones.  That’s how we search these days.  Come on, you do it too! The question is…how do you get all those eyeballs seeing YOUR website?  It’s not going to happen without video.  It simply shows up better on mobile screens whether you’re on Facebook, YouTube, or Yelp.  The businesses who are not exploring this online strategy are simply going to lose to those who are.

So how do you go about this?  You probably have not hired a videographer since your wedding! The professional videographers charge thousands of dollars for their service and they have no idea how to get people to actually see it!

I have the answer: I can get you on page one for terms everyone is searching for. 

I can produce a short video for you that will bring in thousands of dollars of new business.  Why? Well, not only can I make you a killer video, but I can get it to rank on the first page of Google using a video SEO formula I’ve learned.  What’s even better is that I can offer you a very inexpensive “review video” that showcases five or six of your best reviews from various sites for as little as $197!  Here’s one I did for a client.

Once we do this, and I can prove to you that I can get it to rank, maybe we go a step further and produce a high-quality, carefully scripted, professional video that will also rank.

This can be a very easy first step for your business getting to the top position of a Google search result.  Call me or go to my contact form and we can start this discussion. Let’s stop the hemorrhaging now of lost business!

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