Ringless Voicemail

Insert Ringless Voicemails Directly Into Mobile Phones – No Call Required!

Within a few clicks of a button, drop marketing voice mail messages directly into a client’s cell phone without even making the phone ring. It’s an effective and fast way to reach out to current clients and prospects for a very low cost. “RVM” is the only safe and effective way to reach mobile prospects.

  • Voicemail listen rates range average 96% compared to 23% for email open rates, or 39% for a live (and expensive) voice telemarketing calls.
  • Less obtrusive than calling
  • You only pay for successful voicemail drops
  • Reach thousands of prospects in minutes
  • We even get the cell phone numbers!

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How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

  1. Upload Your Contact List
  2. Set Your Campaign Preferences
  3. Start Sending!
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