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There has been a massive change in how we get new customers and clients and it has left many business owners frustrated, upset, and angry that what used to work just doesn’t anymore. How do you get the phone to ring again and how do you use all these new online tools without getting burned?  What you’re frustrated with is the mind-boggling array of choices that exists today. I can assure you, the one’s who have successfully navigated online marketing have hired an expert. That’s where I come in.

Some Rules Have Not Changed

It is still about people getting your customers to know, like, and trust you.

While online marketing is very complex today, basic human nature is the same. Therefore I will not propose to you anything until we have a call so I can find out what is the best strategy and course of action. I don’t just sell websites or videos without first understanding your business and customers. My tagline is “Results Driven Marketing” because that’s what is important…Results!

I’ve named by business Spectrum Marketing because it’s a metaphor of the entire range of marketing activities that are both visible and invisible (as in the electromagnetic spectrum). New platforms and technologies that are introduced almost daily and because I’m passionate about it, I keep abreast of all of them. I have contacts and people I trust across the marketing universe who can help us if we need them.

Professional Online Marketing Service is Affordable

If you have a website that does not show up on the first page of a search result for your product or service, your business simply does not exist.  The days of just having a yellow page ad and a coupon in the newspaper are over.  The new model is actually less expensive and has a bigger return on investment than you think.

The targeting capability of social media advertising is incredible and ROI is very high right now. I have lots to say about this subject on my blog.  We can directly target the prospects who are searching for a service like yours instead of just hoping the right person sees your ad.

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 We Are Experts

We use professional designers, videographers and editors to make professional digital products that get results. We offer one-time set up services as well as monthly services like email, text, and SMS marketing, performance reporting, AdWords and social media PPC campaigns, SEO, site maintenance, security and backup, on-call emergency service, reputation monitoring, even weekly content creation for those social media and blog posts you never have time to write!

Farm that stuff out so you can do what you do best…running your business!

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