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SEO Consultant Packages & Pricing

We perform a FREE website SEO Audit that will give you  a comprehensive analysis of your website.

Once we give you your analysis we give the Top Ten Roadmap to fix issues and optimize your site.

Our rates are competitive with the industry and we offer discounted blocks of time to repair site issues and optimization. We will analyze your site for any SEO issues and give you a time estimate to fix them.  We track our time working on your site so you only pay for work actually done on your website. Most SEO companies only fix off-page citations, which is safe and easy for them.  We work on the more important on-page optimization because we can!

Roseville | Rocklin | Sacramento Affordable SEO Website Startup Plan for Site Owners and Businesses

$499 – ONE TIME FEE.  We usually go above and beyond and provide additional services not mentioned here, but designed for your success!

Local SEO Starter Package (1-10 page websites)
This package plan will help any business with brand rankings. Local rankings, lower bounce rates, higher click through rates, and most importantly, higher conversions.

This was developed to allow businesses to try us out and not get locked into a long-term SEO plan. Try us and and see what we can achieve for you!

Our Plan Includes:

Site audit. We perform a complete site analysis with our top ten roadmap recommendations

Keyword analysis. Using your top 3 seed keywords we develop a list of the top keyword variations and long tail keywords to be used in your SEO plan.

On-page optimization. We will correct your most important issues that are affecting your site including alt tags, title tags, meta tags, page load time, heat map tracking, content analytics, schema mark up, and other usability issues. Site owners can buy more hours for larger sites that have higher competition.

Webmaster Maintenenace. We will set up Google and Bing Webmaster Tools including analytics, search console, and submit updated sitemaps.

Back link audit. We will run a report to check for malicious and spam backlinks pointed at your site.  Due to the latest Google Algorithm change, this is not the problem it once was, but we also check to see if your site is using a internal link structure and will make recommendations.

Local SEO (off-page optimization) – Be found with local search. We set up your local profiles with google my business, Bing local, Yelp, Facebook, yellow pages, plus Apple and google maps.

One Hour consultation. Meet with one of our SEO engineers to discuss your progress and come up with a game plan for your online goals.

By letting the major search engines better read and understand (index) your website, this will provide immediate higher rankings. Once we start climbing up the rankings our proper keyword research and optimization will get your site found by people who are searching for your product or service. We use the latest best practices to get your potential customers to click on your site and not your competitors. By using on-page best practices we will get those future clients to stay longer on your site and and get the desired KPI results.

$499 – ONE TIME FEE.  We usually go above and beyond and provide additional services not mentioned here, but designed for your success!

Monthly SEO Packages.  Call for a quote. Packages start at $247/month

Keyword research and optimization
Business Review strategy and implementation on site
OpenGraph data and optimization for social sharing
Social media optimization
Optimize images, banners, graphics for social pages and off page citations.
Schema markup correctly utilized on all pages so Goggle can better understand your site.
Internal and external link structure to help boost rankings.
Content marketing. We will create and optimize five new landing page or blog posts for your site.

Even More Advanced Packages add:
Social signal optimization
Web 2.0 backlink strategies to rocket rankings to the first position
Hyperlocal backlink building

Social media marketing
We create or edit five social media profiles for your business.
Social media image and logo optimization. We can resize or create new logos or graphics that are sized correctly for the different social platforms.
Social Updates. We make sure your blog posts post to your top social platforms so users are more likely to find you and click to your website.
Audience engagement. We engage with your audience by liking, sharing, and commenting on users post or pages comments for you.
Pixel and conversion tracking. We implement tracking codes on your site to track buyer behavior.
Remarketing Loop Strategies. We create special “thank you” and other ads catered to people who have already visited your site.

Search Engine Marketing Basic Package
Keyword research. We discover the most searched for keywords in your market for your niche
Ad creation. We make and test up to ten social ads per month
Ad optimization. We optimize ads for higher CTR
Position in search and lowest possible cost per click.
Conversion optimization. We create, SEO, and A/B test up to three landing pages for highest conversions and lowest bounce rates.

Content marketing package.

Google in 2018 is changing what they consider the most important ranking factors and that answer keeps coming back to content. Your website needs to have constant, current, relevant, and unique content to get you to rank higher organically. Most small buinses owners do not have or take the time to create new content so therefore if you did this chances are you will outrank your competitors very soon!

Our content creation package has to be one of the best strategies for 2018, besides SEO.

We start with advanced keyword research to discover the best content to produce
We then create 5 300-500 word or one 2500 word landing page or “skyscraper” post for your site.
On page SEO. We then optimize the content with the proper title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, link structure, schema Markup and OG sharing data.
Social signals. We share unique articles on the top social platforms and manage paid promotions to increase engagement and conversions.
Interlinking structure. We implement a link silo structure to show google that those pages are important.
Email outreach. We contact 100 relevant site owners and notify them about your new content.

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