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What can a Search Engine Optimization expert do for you?


Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more important than ever.  

The algorithm updates of the past few years have changed how websites rank with a search query.  

If you are not on the first page of Google you are losing hundreds of potential customers every month.  You can’t afford to ignore it or you’ll lose to your competitors.

Recent changes have made SEO and Local Search critical to online success.  

SEO is free advertising...we will have you show up to customers in an organic search for your product or service (below paid ads) without paying for ads.

Successful site owners know this and hire and use professional SEO services. 

We will analyze your site for any SEO issues and give you a time estimate to fix them.


  • In-Depth Site Analysis, Duplicate Content Check, Initial Rank Report, Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research – At the start of our customized SEO program we do an exhaustive keyword analysis to find the best keywords to target. As the SEO program progresses we constantly review this keyword research and make any needed adjustments to make sure we consistently target the correct keywords for your business.

  • Competition Research – Included as part of the keyword research , we find the keywords your competition is targeting and work out a strategy on how to best compete with them.

  • Content Edits – Based on our keyword analysis we’ll edit your current content to get you the better rankings.

  • Title & Meta Description Tags – We create or revise your on-page title tags and meta descriptions to get bettered rankings.

  • Sitemap Creation – We create (or update) a sitemap for your website and get this submitted to the major search engines.

  • Business Directory Listings – We’ll get you listed in various business directories, we will also recommend directories that you should get yourself listed in.

  • Backlinks – We research where the best backlinks would be for your site and strive to get the best relevant backlinks for your site on high ranking sites.

  • Reviews – Let us manage and respond to your consumer reviews. Google ranks business listings on how well you engage with your customers.

Get An SEO Audit First

Let us do a complete analysis of your website. We check all the critical ranking factors that could be hurting you.  This is a must-do for all website owners who care to show up in search.  Money-Back Guarantee if we do not find anything!

Our Guide To Search Engine Optimization Services

Download our pdf to see what you get with monthly SEO service.  

Search-Engine-Optimization-Services-Guide (pdf)


Search Engine Optimization (SEo) Packages

All plans are contingent on availability of login credentials for the back end of the website so we can perform our magic! some older platforms like drupal and joomla are right out. Wordpress, squarespace, godaddy, wix, weebly, and shopify sites we can do!

Free SEO Guides

Some SEO Guides for you if want to DIY your SEO.  Contact us if you would rather we handle this for you!

Improve-Web-Presence-SpectraSEO (pdf)


Searches-to-Use-For-Finding-Relevant-Websites (pdf)


25-Local-Search-Engines-Online-Yellow-Pages-and-Local-Business-Directories (pdf)