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Does your website have trouble showing up in a Google search? When was the last time you checked? Are you on the first page? Second?

Here’s a simple test…go “Incognito” in Chrome or “Private Browsing” in Safari and just search for your main product or service. If you are not showing up on page one of the Google page something is not right and that is hurting your business. Maybe you used to be on page one, but now are not? The good news is, you’re not alone!

In a nutshell, the past few years has had a serious negative effect on millions of websites because of the last few big updates to how Google “ranks” a web page. The “Penguin” update affected poor quality backlinks, for example, and the “Panda” update affected sites with poor, or thin content.

Lastly, the “Hummingbird” update affected sites that are not mobile-friendly. Now, Google is implementing “Rank Brain”, which is their AI, and it is learning about human search intent. This is bad news for site owners who do not add any new content to their websites as they will get penalized even more than before.

Everything is shifting away from just ranking using keywords to better User Experience (UX), User Intent (UI), and Authority Building. Frequent, relevant, and valuable content is by far the most important SEO ranking factor today, (besides page speed) and most site owners either don’t know about it or are just not implementing a content strategy.

Business owners treat websites like digital yellow page ads and often they feel they should just set it and forget it. Unfortunately, if you rely on leads from the internet, you can’t do this anymore. If you think you were having ranking trouble before, just wait!

You can fight back just by adding good content on a fairly regular basis. This can be in written form or even video. You can do this yourself or hire someone to add content to your site for you, often for prices far less than you think. There are many other strategies for content and would be more than happy to share with you.

Most business websites I audit have so many problems negatively affecting their search rankings and the owner has no idea this was happening. That’s why I offer “Site Audits for Beer”, which is a fun, casual event where we take a look at your website to see if there is any problems.

We are visiting several of the best craft beer houses in the area with our laptops on hand to perform simple checks to see if the site can use some love.


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