Sweet Spot Web Design

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If Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly, Call Us

For the low, low price of just $1497 we can make a new mobile optimized website that will look great on any size screen including tablets. We even keyword optimize your most important pages like home, contact, services, photo gallery, and about. Social links and map embed added as well for SEO. 

It takes about two weeks to create a mobile-optimized website and we only work on one site at a time, so this offer is only for a limited time. Call us if you have a pressing need or need more details. 


If already have a hosting plan like Godaddy or Bluehost, we can use that. If not, we are set up with several hosting companies and will consult with you for the best one for your budget.

Maintenance Plans, Too

Some clients would like us to handle all the website maintenance and updates for them.  We offer a monthly service  as well if you have too much on your plate and need us to handle it. 

Content Writing and Graphics

This offer does not include written content. If you have existing content or write your own we will use it.  Most web development companies use Lorem Ipsum (latin) for the text on your site and just offer the design.  Because of the Google Panda update, we think it is a best SEO practice to use keyword-researched content while we create the site.  

This has two don't have to go back in and delete all the useless Lorem Ipsum text throughout the site (which often gets missed) and we can submit the sitemap to Google immediately.  Plus, we analyze your content and may offer suggestions on how to maximize your organic search rankings.  

Some (many) clients do not have written content or are not writers, so we can provide written content that has keyword optimized pages for a nominal fee.  

If you have logos, graphics, and images to use that is very helpful.  We can use free stock photos if you do not have any. Any additional graphics we will quote you as Doug is very talented.

SEO and Bonus Offer

We can even set up the code on your site for Google Analytics, Bing webmaster tools, and Google Search Console if you would like to know about your website traffic on a monthly basis. For new clients we will set the code on your new or redesigned website for FREE!

Different Needs and Goals

Everybody has different needs so we remain flexible and open to free consultations about your basic website. 

Nitty Gritty Details 

The Sweet Spot Web Design plan is only for Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, or GoDaddy sitebuilder platforms.  We don't make HTML, Drupal or Joomla sites and reserve the right to refuse this budget plan if it falls outside the scope of work.  If you need a more complex custom site, we offer that service as well. We often can do website makeovers and use existing content.