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High Quality Local HD Video with SEO is the next big thing to promote your site and get traffic.

If you haven’t performed a simple Google search lately, you’ll now see a big change.  Paid ads are no longer on the right side of the screen…it’s blank now! Google’s paid ads are now both above and below other organic search results. The old-style, tried-and-true search results, the non-paid-ad traditional realm of good SEO practices, are wedged in between paid google ads!  The result is now there is even less organic real estate “above the fold”, making it even harder to show up on the first page of a search result. How do you fight back?  Video.

Some facts

  • YouTube is the world’s 3rd largest website, and is owned by Google!
  • Ranking a YouTube video can be 50 times easier than ranking a web page!
  • When a YouTube video is listed on the first page of Google, it stands out above all search results with its visual thumbnail!
  • Everyone wants front page exposure and YouTube is the easiest way to do it!
  • The average Facebook user spends 30% of their time on Facebook watching videos.

…and the number one fact you can’t ignore, mobile video views now surpass desktop video views!



Video is becoming the best SEO and easiest practice as Google owns YouTube and ranks those search results even higher than just plain text, or even images. Not to mention you can get a multi-phase benefit by uploading your video-not just on your site, but on YouTube and Facebook.  With these two giants battling it out, it gives us online marketers and SEO practitioners one more arrow in our quiver, and it’s a friggin’ harpoon!   Facebook now has even better targeting opportunities than good ‘ol- YouYube.  But, YouTube ranks, so we use both!

I can make a short 60 second high-quality video with upbeat music, showing off your business and employees, your reviews, and have a clickable new customer offer and we have a winner. This isn’t one of those whiteboard videos! We make something that people will want to watch.  Google hates when people click away from videos after 5 seconds and will not rank those! The problem is that high-end wedding-type videographers do not know how to make a video rank.  So the video looks great, but doesn’t deliver. Others may know how to make cheap Fiverr videos, and may even know SEO, but no one wants to watch them.  So it’s a catch 22 for business owners.  

Until now.

We will make professionally a crafted, scripted video, using a proven formula that will rank on the first page of Google -GUARANTEED!  We combine that with a social media ads, promoting whatever discounts already work best for your business, and BOOM! leads start coming in right away. The new traffic and customers you will get from this will delight you. It will be a video that people will actually watch, and will rank on page #1, or you don’t pay until it does!

Call me today, I can show you examples.  It will be the best call you’ll ever make, and be prepared to win on-line like never before!

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