How Google Is Killing Yelp

Google My Business is Killing Yelp Graphic

Google My Business is fast becoming one of the best and least expensive ways to boost your business online visibility.Last Friday, Yelp stocks tumbled far, losing 32% of its stock price and sending the stock to a 52 week low. CNBC reported that the stock lost its value due to a variety of factors, the […]

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Website SEO Audit

picture of Google Analytics on a laptop

This is an actual FREE SEO audit we performed for a client. Here are our SEO Audit Findings Site is not mobile responsive.  This is important because Google is indexing mobile sites first. Site is very amateurish with poor design and color palette. Pages have no descriptions for searchers to understand There is no call […]

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Teaching SEO at the HackerLab

picture of Hacker Lab in Rocklin

I will be teaching a course about the latest SEO best practices in 2018.  The class will be on Thursday, January 18th from 6:00 pm until approximately 8:00pm.  This class will cover some very important elements that you need to have on your website to get it to show up in a Google search.  Register […]

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SEO Ranking Factors in 2018

Picture of a spider web

  Google Ranking Factors in 2018 Google is indexing mobile sites first Fast load time. Use google page speed test to check your site. Make sure it is rendering properly on different size screens Implement Schema Markup. This is coded into a website and is a plugin for several platforms. UX and bounce rates. One […]

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picture of TV characters

Picturing Web SEO: A Better Metaphor I used to think that website SEO was a blend of art, science, and magic. I’d even say “to know SEO you’d have to be part Monet, Mr. Spock, and Harry Potter” because it made me laugh due to the imagery those characters evoke and it fit the narrative. […]

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5 MORE killer video marketing tips!

graphic about YouTube statistics

Video Marketing Tips Here are some tips when you’re ready to start recording yourself to the world Ok, so I finally convinced you to get this marketing video thing going. Maybe you bought a DSLR camera, a tripod, a boom, shotgun or lavalier microphone, and figured out how to light your subject…what else? 1. Get […]

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