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Video Marketing Tips

Here are some tips when you’re ready to start recording yourself to the world

Ok, so I finally convinced you to get this marketing video thing going. Maybe you bought a DSLR camera, a tripod, a boom, shotgun or lavalier microphone, and figured out how to light your subject…what else?

1. Get over your fear. Yes, you will hate how you look on camera. You’ll notice every skin flaw, your massive weight gain, annoying voice, and irritating mannerisms that most of us ignore, and it will make you want to stop. Don’t do it. Just keep doing making videos. If the ugliest actors out there like Edward James Olmos, or Tommy Lee Jones can be movie stars you can too! Know that you’re not going to like yourself…it’s human psychology.
2. Talk to the “person” behind the lens. These are simply so much better if conversational. Be natural, and conversational to the camera.
3. Don’t overthink it. When you get to editing the video, play it back, and when you want to change everything about it, don’t. It’s probably good enough as it is. If you feel the need to re-record something just change the one most pressing thing and don’t try to remake the entire video. You’ll never finish.
4. Exaggerate your emotions. It’s not acting, but do not be your normal boring self. Be high energy as that’s more entertaining.
5. Always have a call to action. What should the viewer do next? Click, call? Why on earth should they contact you if you don’t give them a reason? I’m big on some kind of special offer, promotion or discount to motivate the fence-sitters.

Obviously there is a ton more to this that these quick five tips…
Need help? That’s where I come in!

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Hi, I'm Dave. I am a sales and marketing guy who also likes to play outdoors.