What’s the Best Online Marketing Opportunity in 2017? YouTube! Here’s Why

One of the best online marketing resources available today is YouTubeyoutube

It has fundamentally changed everything

From consumer behavior, advertising to education, news, pop culture, politics, even religion. Sometimes for the worse, by the way. In the future, people will be writing about the demise of traditional TV channels, maybe even of websites themselves and it’s been happening seemingly under our noses. You’ve heard the saying that “people are cutting the cord”, I don’t think that just applies to landlines. You can be entertained and learn anything about online marketing, making websites, learning Photoshop, basketweaving, throwing darts, winning at Monopoly, SEO, and even how to make and rank YouTube videos ALL FOR FREE!

It has become ubiquitous.

Besides being a user-friendly website with a simple, memorable URL, it’s a free app on every new Blu-Ray and other media player from AppleTV to Xbox. It is available online free, or as a ad-free paid service, for any tablet, laptop, or mobile device. The technology has changed from small, poor-resolution short videos on your desktop to very high quality HD that renders well on even the biggest flat screen. Prior to January 2010, users had to have Adobe Flash Player (remember all those annoying updates?). Now, however, it uses HTML5 allowing viewing without the Flash player on several popular browsers. Since November 2009, you could even watch in 1080p HD, and as of 2015 videos are even in 8K format playing at 7680×4320 pixels playing at 60 frames/sec! In January 2015 Google even announced 360 degree videos would be supported which can be viewed with Google Cardboard. Fun YT history here.

It’s also the great democratizer.

Nearly anyone can be on camera. You don’t have to slave at a diner for years waiting to be discovered by a slimy agent in Hollywood. You can start today with your own channel! People are becoming successful entrepreneurs because of it. Some of these “YouTubers” have millions of subscribers and now make well over six figures in ad revenue. It’s top 500 partners each make more than $100,000 annually, with its top grossing channels earning from $2.5 M to $12M. Got a great personality or message (i.e. great content) and you can be a star in your bedroom. You also don’t need expensive equipment. Just decent natural light and your iPhone or that little camera on your laptop that the NSA uses to watch you. Or you can always level up as your channel grows and you make some revenue to afford the professional gear.


YouTube can help businesses rank their websites on Google search results (with proper help from folks like me). A simple video, uploaded to YouTube, titled with the right keywords, can rank, and many believe Google gives preference to YT videos. Especially since they bought it for $1.65 Billion, with a B, in 2006. YouTube mobile was launched in 2007, and the need for a flash player removed in 2010. YouTube launched the iPhone app in 2012 after it was optimized to be used with touch screens. They also are a powerful social platform with comments below videos, embed codes that can be used on any page on the web, and sharing buttons. You can watch as a unregistered user, but registered users can upload an unlimited number of videos and can comment on the videos.

As a user you are completely in control.

If you don’t like what you see, click or swipe away. It’s often easier to search for content and change channels than your tv remote. You can subscribe to only stuff you want to see, see what’s trending, even use your history to rewatch stuff without a DVR. You can start to watch a video on a iPhone (as a registered user) and switch to your Smart TV and pick up where you left off. Did I mention it’s mostly FREE?! You have total control with tabs for your History, Liked videos, Subscriptions, and Favorites all conveniently organized in a library.

There is so much content on there now I barely see my kids faces anymore.

There are fan movies and music videos that talented people have made that are just awesome. Check out “Adult Wednesday Addams” sometime. Or even some of the full length movies and documentaries. There’s Star Wars, Predator, and a full length Star Trek “Fan Fiction” movie that is as good if not better than all the re-runs on television. Speaking of which, TV executives, traditional ad agencies, and cable companies have a right to be scared. That’s why you are seeing so much network programming on the platform, and in fact many media corporations are partnering with YouTube; NBC, Fox, Disney, CBS, BBC, and Hulu to name a few. There is even a “Vid-Con” every summer in Anaheim for fans of their favorite YouTubers and channels that is eventually going to be bigger than Comic Con.

So if you haven’t checked out YouTube in a while check it out, especially if you haven’t in a few years. It’s updated and changed significantly. I know lots of adults who look at me with a puzzled look if I mention I watched a documentary full-length movie on it. It’s just amazing what content is there, the HD picture quality is now amazing, and its very user friendly and intuitive. It’s popularity is exploding…as of December 2016 YouTube was ranked as the second most popular site by Alexa. If you have a business you have to be using this resource. If you don’t know how to do this I can help!

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