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How to Blog

Want to start a blog but have no idea where to get content?  Read on!

Blogging is a great way to get your creative juices flowing, and for many, it’s a way to make money and get their ideas and their point-of-view across.  While there are very many successful blogs out on the interweb, tons of people start one only to give up after a period of time. I am so guilty of that one!  The number one reason blogs fail…they take considerable time and effort, and most are not willing or able to commit.  Six months of writing good content two to three times a week (or more) is a time-management challenge at a minimum and can tax even the most creative.  So if you don’t have the budget to outsource your weekly content, follow some simple guidelines while starting out and you’ll not waste our valuable time. The first tip here is so important it is not a rule, but LAW, and that’s PASSION.  You have to have passion about your subject or you’ll never keep at it.  So if you’re not interested that much in your subject matter, don’t kid yourself…you’ll never keep at it.

Rule Number One…Patience!  It will take some time to get a following.  Minimum six months of good content to gain traction.

Rule Number Two…Sharing!  Quality content will get shared across the social platforms, it will help you grow.  Make sure you link your content to all relevant sites.

Rule Number Three…Calendar!  Yes, and use a WordPress plug-in like this Editorial Calendar. This is a tried-and-true way to keep at it.  Always post content according to a schedule. Content marketers also like to use Content Calendars to keep social posts on track.

Finally, here are some pro-tips for finding content:

  • Write about a problem that your target customer has
  • Write about a recent (or past) success story of a client.
  • Write about data your firm recently acquired.
  • Write an in-depth piece about an attribute of your product or service
  • Write about a news event that impacts you or your industry.
  • Write about your most frequently asked questions.  If your site has a FAQ page, write in-depth answers to each, maybe one a week.
  • Write about yourself, or your company history.
  • Write about what you love/hate about a current opportunity/problem   (ok, there is four there in that bullet-point if you cross-ref!)
  • Steal ideas! Just Google “Top blogs for X” with X-being your subject, and see what else is being written about it.
  • Perform a YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Pinterest, and Twitter search for your topic.   You’ll find all kinds of material to write about.
  • Perform an Ebay, or Amazon search for your keyword or business.  You’ll find content surrounding products, books, movies, and everything else they sell.

Now, combine the editorial calendar to some of the tips above.  Maybe every Monday is about the news over the weekend and how it affects you.  I know a guy who just published a “Giveback Monday” post on a Facebook group I belong to and have benefitted already from it. I now look forward to his Monday posts. So create a simple plan like “give back Monday”,  “problem/solution Wednesday”,  “personal story Friday” and before you know it you’ll be blogging like a pro.

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