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Social Media Marketing

You want to advertise on YouTube or Facebook, but where do you start?

Let’s face it, if you’re a small business owner, you’re incredibly busy these days running your business.  You don’t have time to write a blog, work on your website, or do anything with Facebook, other than reading the newsfeed.  You’ve read about social media marketing, but some of the terms being used seem like a foreign language. Even if you did, you probably don’t know how to start and how much to spend.  You’ve thought about paying for a “boosted post” but are hesitant…what if you pay for it and it doesn’t work?  You wish we could go back to the days of just paying for a yellow page ad and the phone would ring.

Lately, though, the phone doesn’t ring like it used to. You have some business, but it’s mostly referrals, or from your Yelp reviews.  Why is there not lots of new customers calling or coming in?

It’s worse than you think.

First, let me demystify the process for you.  Advertising has always been about eyeballs, correct?  You used to pay for the number of ‘impressions”, TV and Radio admen would pitch you on running ads often to get the most number of ears and eyeballs.  Or, they sell you on as big of a yellow page ad as you can afford, or the rates were based on the “circulation” of the paper.  You get the picture. This part has not changed. It’s still about eyeballs.  It’s just the delivery system has changed…it’s almost completely online. But where?? To make it even crazier, even websites don’t do much to bring in new customers anymore!  You probably have a nice website, but it’s four or five pages deep doing a Google search, rendering it almost non-existent.  What the heck happened?!?

Don’t panic! What if I told you I have the way?

Quick! What was the last screen you looked at?  Probably your smartphone.  TV’s are fast becoming a secondary screen. Next, what did you click on last time you were on Facebook? Probably a video!

Introducing “Sweet Spot Video”

What we make is not a cheesy animated video or one of those over-used whiteboard hand drawing videos.  We want to make something people will actually watch to the end.  That’s why we keep it short, sweet, and to the point, with a clear call to action promo. It hits a marketing sweet spot that exists out there that many businesses simply are not tapping into. This is a 30-90 second professionally scripted high-quality video, using a proven formula that works.  We film using A-roll of you saying the script and have footage of the B-roll shots of your business all set to high quality, royalty-free music.  We have your business name, and your logo across the lower third of the video, and have nice on-screen text that emphasizes how your business solves customers’ problems.

We make it easy, and completely hands-off for you, other than being on camera!

Ok, so we have a video…now what?

That’s where the magic happens. We upload to our own youtube channel that is building channel authority every day (helping your new video).  We implement our videoSEO strategies to get the video to rank on page one of Google for the search terms that everyone is searching for with your business, (the “long-tail keywords”). Then we start a social media ad campaign on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, to get the video seen. This can be done very inexpensively for the radical targeting we can achieve that traditional advertisers could never do.  This is where it’s gone.  Your customers are still out there…you just need to get in front of them again in a way that works like it used to.  Video via social media targeting is the answer.

Want to know more? You know what to do! 



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