Free Business Web Resources-Spectrum Marketing Roseville-Rocklin, CA

Here’s a partial (!) list of some of the web resources I use to get clients listed and ranked!

Mobile Website Testing Tool from Google – A free report to see if your site is mobile friendly and what to fix. the 900 lb gorilla search engine a alternative search engine that doesn’t track you

Website Superheroes!

Website Superheroes! business management site   free accounting software  rank reporting for clients  a sales funnel site a sales funnel site social bookmarking  tracks social sharing  see your social media mentions backlink service easy infographics high end backlinks  low cost outsourcers  outsourcing  outsourcing  to find an outsourcers address microlance site microlance site  to submit a sitemap for domain authority for local directories  local directories  seo tips and tricks local rank checker, citations premium backlink service keyword suggestions find top internet keywords  keyword planner tool long tail keyword research to find competitors keywords email list building email list building billing/invoice service billing/invoice service project management project managemen/ video editing music music small business listing service  list your service list your service list your company

Google Small Business – Google+ list your company list your company

Maps Connect – Apple  get your business on Apple Maps – Google My Business‎ claim your business for google maps  list your company list your company list your company  directory listing

Neustar/LocalEaze  list your company

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