Custom Wordpress Website Developer in Roseville-Rocklin, CA

New Website Launch?  Hire us to do it right from the get-go!

We are the perfect company for you if you have never had a website before because we will build it right the first time.  It really comes down to what the purpose of the site is and the architecture. We design using the latest best practices like siloing, schema mark-up, internal link structure, keyword targeted titles, etc.  Plus we will perform all the off-page citations with the purchase of a new site and submit your site to all the major data aggregators and set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Website more than 10 years old?

Is your website a little dated?  You’re not alone.  Busy people have little time to mess with websites, and time flies when you’re having fun, right?  So it’s only natural that your website, designed before the advent of the iPhone (2007) doesn’t display well on mobile screens.  People paid a lot of money in the early 2000’s for code monkeys to build html websites, but that’s now changed with WordPress.  Now, savvy marketers like us can build a mobile-friendly website with great content, that look and perform well on any size screen…in landscape or portrait.  Today, tons of functionality can be built into a new WordPress website to enable you to be successful in whatever your endeavor.

A Brief History of How the Internet has Evolved


  • 1983 Al Gore’s Internet invented
  • 1984 Apple Ad for Macintosh
  • 1995 Netscape
  • 1995 Yahoo
  • 1995 Amazon
  • 1995 JavaScipt
  • 2001 Napster
  • 2001 Myspace
  • 2003 WordPress
  • 2003 iTunes
  • 2003 Linkedin
  • 2003 Skype
  • 2004 Facebook
  • 2004 YouTube
  • 2006 Twitter
  • 2007 Tumblr
  • 2007 iPhone
  • 2008 Hulu
  • 2008 Dropbox
  • 2009 Kickstarter
  • 2009 Bing
  • 2010 Instagram
  • 2010 Pinterest
  • 2011 Google+
  • 2016 Mobile Views surpass desktop views

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