Copywriting For The Web Roseville-Rocklin, CA

Experienced Copywriter

As a college graduate who has written hundreds of articles for both publications and on-line, let me produce good content for your site.  I have years of experience writing sales copy, presentations, features and benefits, business proposals, sales letters, articles, newsletters, and email. Let me help craft the right message for you. I also have access to other writers that can deliver those 1200 word posts using the most popular keywords so it will rank and the search engines will love to crawl.

Article after article I read about good SEO practices keeps coming back to the same thing…content!  That’s what drives traffic. Good, readable content.  It’s the same reason your favorite show, movie, or band is popular. They create good content.  There are plenty of crappy bands and shows out there due to bad writing of either the script or the music and it shows in the content.  Plus, you need a lot of it to get any traffic.  Most sites have very low traffic, believe it or not, except for the big sites like Hufpo, or CNN.  But they have legions of writers cranking out good content every day!  How do you, the small business person even hope to compete?  Hire someone to write for you!  This can be done very affordably by hiring a freelance writer, and therefore not on your payroll, and that’s exactly the service I can provide. For as little as $500/month I can get you well written keyword-rich articles three to five days a week to post on your blog and on your social media pages.  Certainly a lot less than hiring a full-time employee to produce content.  This will give you tremendous bang for the buck and will get you more traffic and customers.

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