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Social Media Website Pages Roseville-Rocklin, CA

Social Media Website Pages Roseville-Rocklin, CA

I create social media pages and profiles too.

Make your off-page optimization work too with custom made profile pages on social media. I’ve made Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ pages with custom logos and artwork to create a consistent brand identity that consumers look for.  Social integration into your website is crucial not just for SEO, but to build a loyal following with raving fans.  We work to build more traffic to your site by leveraging likes, retweets, shares, follows, and G+’s, oh my!

Affordable social media set up-up to three platforms $250  

No time for content creation?  $750/month for active management with five day per week content creation, with follower growth and reputation management reports.

Call me!

Spectrum Marketing Best Website Reviews Roseville-Rocklin, CA

Spectrum Marketing Best Website Reviews Roseville-Rocklin, CA

marketing reviews

The reviews for my work are pouring in!

Knows his stuff!
Quick to get things done!
Creative, helpful!

Dave Michael is professional and personal. He is experienced and informed. He will take your business from zero to infinity. Honest and reasonable. You can trust this man.

Bob Eberle reviewed Spectrum Marketing on Facebook— 5 stars
March 22 ·

Dave did a great job building my web site and helping me with SEO. I’m getting lots a traffic on my site thanks to Dave’s efforts.

Custom Websites Made Easy Roseville-Rocklin, CA

Custom Websites Made Easy Roseville-Rocklin, CA

I create websites that are crisp, clean, interactive, responsive, and easily integrated with your online marketing strategy

I am Dave Michael, owner of Spectrum Marketing, known in the web design/development industry for delivering vibrant, state-of-the-art, mobile-optimized custom websites which capture the attention of your target audience.

Having a professional website for your business is extremely important especially as your potential customers will judge how well you will design their website based on the quality of your website. This is going to be very important to your success.

I would be happy to review your website and provide you with feedback. I’ll share with you what I think you’ve done well and anything I believe you can do to improve your website to better convert customers.  Just fill out this form.

Back-to-School Special. Our standard website package starts at $1297 (Regular Price $1597) and delivers a beautifully functional, responsive, multi-page social-media-ready website made within 2 weeks. We can also design your brand identity for your stationery needs such as business cards, envelopes, letterhead and brochures.

In this package you will receive:

websites made1. A beautiful multi-page CMS website (content management system, like WordPress)

2. Clean functionality, video embed

3. Responsive web design with contact form and built in map

4. Mobile-ready

6. on-page SEO optimized

7. Submission to all search engines

8. Social media integration up to 5 platforms

9. Automatic site backups

10. SEO monthly management packages start at $250/month…guaranteed to rank on page 1 or it’s free until it does!

11. Add affordable lightning-fast WP cloud based hosting packages with all the above available for $50/month

Once the website is complete, you will be able to manage it yourself, or allow me to handle it for you. You can edit any content/images on website any time. The options are endless. Let us do the work for you by contacting us today – and we’ll help you get started. I look forward to creating a vibrant website that works for you.

Website Makeovers Roseville-Rocklin, CA

Website Makeovers Roseville-Rocklin, CA

Website makeovers a specialty

Often business owners use do-it-yourself websites that are inexpensive, easy to set up, and may even have a pleasing template. Unfortunately, they leave out search engine visibility options that are only available as a plug-in to content management systems like WordPress.  So even if the site looks good, changes are it will never “rank”,  or show up Spectrum Marketing Fugly Site imagepage one (or at all) with a simple Google search.  On and Off-page optimization are seldom used in DIY websites.

Other common website problems I see are:

  • Confused or cluttered layout
  • Poor, ugly color choices
  • Hard to read text and background colors
  • Doesn’t render properly on some browsers or screen sizes
  • S-l-o-w to load
  • Technical glitches, page errors, broken links or images.
  • Too many ads and too little content
  • Confused overall message
  • Visitor doesn’t know what to do or where to go to find useful information
  • No focus as the site tries to do too much
  • No calls to action
  • Poor URL choice
  • No social media links
  • No outbound/inbound links
  • No reviews on the site
  • Not mobile optimized
  • Business not listed correctly across major search engines
  • Not showing up on local, mobile search or map applications
  • Untrustworthy site

Sound familiar?!

Call me and lets discuss or fill out this form for a free site review.

Custom WordPress Website Developer Roseville-Rocklin, CA

Custom WordPress Website Developer Roseville-Rocklin, CA

images-18We design beautiful, mobile responsive WordPress sites!

Is your website a little dated?  You’re not alone.  Busy people have little time to mess with websites, and time flies when you’re having fun, right?  So it’s only natural that your website, designed before the advent of the iPhone (2007) doesn’t display well on mobile screens.  People paid a lot of money in the early 2000’s for code monkeys to build html websites, but that’s now changed with WordPress.  Now, savvy marketers like us can build a mobile-friendly website with great content, that look and perform well on any size screen…in landscape or portrait.  Today, tons of functionality can be built into a new WordPress website to enable you to be successful in whatever your endeavor.

A Brief History of How the Internet has Evolved

history of the internet timeline image

  • 1983 Al Gore’s Internet invented
  • 1984 Apple Ad for Macintosh
  • 1995 Netscape
  • 1995 Yahoo
  • 1995 Amazon
  • 1995 JavaScipt
  • 2001 Napster
  • 2001 Myspace
  • 2003 WordPress
  • 2003 iTunes
  • 2003 Linkedin
  • 2003 Skype
  • 2004 Facebook
  • 2004 YouTube
  • 2006 Twitter
  • 2007 Tumblr
  • 2007 iPhone
  • 2008 Hulu
  • 2008 Dropbox
  • 2009 Kickstarter
  • 2009 Bing
  • 2010 Instagram
  • 2010 Pinterest
  • 2011 Google+
  • 2016 Mobile Views surpass desktop views