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What is Off-Page Optimization and Why Do You Need It For Your Site?

What is Off-Page Optimization and Why Do You Need It For Your Site?

Or, Fun with List Directories!

Perhaps you know what on-page optimization is…mainly good keyword research planning that leads to great content (as well as some other SEO best practices), but have you worked on your off-page optimization?  That is, is your business correctly listed your business across all the local directories?  This is what is referred to as off-page optimization.  Some call it “local search optimization”,  I call it “The New Yellowpages”, as this is how you get found!  The good news is you don’t have to pay a monthly yellow page ad fee, but you do have to put in a little work.  So to help, I’ve compiled a list of the top 55 local search directory listings where you should be listed.  This may take a while, but so worth it.

Better Business Bureau
Angie’s List
Merchant Circle
Dex Media
Discover Our Town
EZ Local
Advice Local
Get Fave
My Huckleberry
Magic Yellow
Map Creator
Judy’s Book
Home Advisor

Don’t forget the Map apps…

Apple Maps
Google Maps for Work

Video Search Engine Marketing Rocklin-Roseville, CA

Video Search Engine Marketing Rocklin-Roseville, CA

Video SEO is becoming the best strategy to be found online.Search Engine Video

Having trouble getting potential customers to find your website?  Is your traffic almost non-existent?  Do you have a great website but are five Google pages deep when you search for your niche?  You’re not alone!  The internet has fundamentally changed just in the past few years with Google changing the algorithm and the explosion of mobile device internet views. Your TV has become the secondary screen!   I’m not talking about Pokemon Go!  All you need to do is go to your local coffee shop and notice how everyone are looking at their smart phones.  That’s how we search these days.  Come on, you do it too! The question is…how do you get all those eyeballs seeing YOUR website?  It’s not going to happen without video.  It simply shows up better on mobile screens whether you’re on Facebook, YouTube, or Yelp.  The businesses who are not exploring this online strategy are simply going to lose to those who are.

So how do you go about this?  You probably have not hired a videographer since your wedding! The professional videographers charge thousands of dollars for their service and they have no idea how to get people to actually see it!

I have the answer: I can get you on page one for terms everyone is searching for. 

I can produce a short video for you that will bring in thousands of dollars of new business.  Why? Well, not only can I make you a killer video, but I can get it to rank on the first page of Google using a video SEO formula I’ve learned.  What’s even better is that I can offer you a very inexpensive “review video” that showcases five or six of your best reviews from various sites for as little as $197!  Here’s one I did for a client.

Once we do this, and I can prove to you that I can get it to rank, maybe we go a step further and produce a high-quality, carefully scripted, professional video that will also rank.

This can be a very easy first step for your business getting to the top position of a google search result.  Call me or go to my contact form and we can start this discussion. Let’s stop the hemorrhaging now of lost business!

VideoSEO service Roseville-Rocklin, CA

VideoSEO service Roseville-Rocklin, CA

I discovered a VideoSEO secret formula that works!

Best part is…it’s only $197 for a review video!

Guaranteed rank number one page on Google after 3 months or your money back!

Did you know that if you don’t show up on the 1st page on Google (in either the first or second spot) your business essentially does not exist. People rarely go to page two, and the organic Google search results (non-paid ads) are getting harder to get ranked.  Until now.  I have a proven videoSEO formula that will get your business on the first page, or its free!

Did you know that…

#1 Google search result gets 34% of the clicks

#2 Google search result gets 12% of the clicks

That’s almost half the clicks in just the first two search results.  If you don’t show up you need my service!

Also as more people use their smart phones to search for a product or service, video becomes even more necessary.

Here’s an example of a business review video that ranks #1 on the first page of Google using the formula I’ve learned.

What’s included in our starter package

  • Keyword research using the top 3-5 Keywords
  • Page One on Google after SEO kicks in (90 days or less)
  • One niche, One city
  • BOGO offer buy one video for a keyword/city and get a different keyword/city free!
  • You get to keep the video…use it on your site or for social media ads
  • Exclusivity for client in that niche as long as you are a customer

CONTACT ME TODAY for this amazing offer!

SEO Services Lifetime Value Calculator

SEO Services Lifetime Value Calculator


Use this handy lifetime value calculator to see for yourself the value of ranking high on Google, and why SEO is the best investment you’ll ever make in your business.

Local Video SEO for Roseville-Rocklin, CA

Local Video SEO for Roseville-Rocklin, CA


High Quality Local HD Video with SEO is the next big thing to promote your site and get traffic.

If you haven’t performed a simple google search lately, you’ll now see a change.  Paid ads are no longer on the right side of the screen…it’s blank now! Google’s paid ads are now both above and below other organic search results. The old-style, tried-and-true search results, the non-paid-ad traditional realm of good SEO practices, are wedged in between paid google ads!  The result is now there is even less organic real estate “above the fold”, making it even harder to show up on the first page of a search result. How do you fight back?  Video.

Some facts

  • YouTube is the world’s 3rd largest website, and is owned by Google!
  • Ranking a YouTube video can be 50 times easier than ranking a web page!
  • When a YouTube video is listed on the first page of Google, it stands out above all search results with its visual thumbnail!
  • Everyone wants front page exposure and YouTube is the easiest way to do it!
  • The average Facebook user spends 30% of their time on Facebook watching videos.

…and the number one fact you can’t ignore, mobile video views to surpass desktop video views this year – 2016!!


Mobile Video to Surpass desktop video in 2016

Video is becoming the best SEO and easiest practice as Google owns YouTube and ranks those search results even higher than just plain text, or even images. Not to mention you can get a multi-phase benefit by uploading your video-not just on your site, but on YouTube and Facebook.  With these two giants battling it out, it gives us online marketers and SEO practitioners one more arrow in our quiver, and it’s a friggin’ harpoon!   Facebook now has even better targeting opportunities than good ‘ol- YouYube.  But, YouTube ranks, so we use both!

I can make a short 60 second high-quality video with upbeat music, showing off your business and employees, your reviews, and have a clickable new customer offer and we have a winner. This isn’t one of those whiteboard videos! We make something that people will want to watch.  Google hates when people click away from videos after 5 seconds and will not rank those! The problem is that high-end wedding-type videographers do not know how to make a video rank.  So the video looks great, but doesn’t deliver. Others may know how to make cheap Fiverr videos, and may even know SEO, but no one wants to watch them.  So it’s a catch 22 for business owners.  

Until now.

We will make professionally a crafted, scripted video, using a proven formula that will rank on the first page of Google -GUARANTEED!  We combine that with a social media ads, promoting whatever discounts already work best for your business, and BOOM! leads start coming in right away. The new traffic and customers you will get from this will delight you. It will be a video that people will actually watch, and will rank on page #1, or you don’t pay until it does!

Call me today, I can show you examples.  It will be the best call you’ll ever make, and be prepared to win on-line like never before!

Best Local Search SEO Roseville-Rocklin, CA

Best Local Search SEO Roseville-Rocklin, CA

How does your website get found?

Websites can no longer be a static, online “yellow page” ad…

It doesn’t work that way anymore!  

Ask anyone who paid for a site only to not have the phone ring because the designer didn’t take into account the crucial Keyword and SEO factors. I am trained in local search and search engine optimization (SEO).  I know what it takes to make a site rank, and appear in organic listings in search engines.  Expert in Google Local Pack, I make sure your site shows up in the area you want to service.


There’s a full spectrum of invisible energy that makes a site rank and I get it.

I can even get your business to appear on Apple and Google Maps.

Boosting traffic to any site can be done with the right on-page (and off-page) optimization, targeted keywords, and the proper citations to all major data aggregators.

Backlinks? We got ’em!  

I offer a monthly $250/month starter SEO package that will get your site to page one – GUARANTEED, or you don’t pay until it does!

Call me, we aren’t getting any younger!